Welcome to the NuFi support portal. To access the wallet, please visit https://wallet.nu.fi/ or download NuFi's Chrome extension with dApp connector here.

For DApps that do not yet support NuFi wallet directly, NuFi Browser Extension can imitate Flint wallet for Cardano transactions and Phantom wallet for Solana transactions.


This means that the NuFi Browser Extension can connect to any DApp that supports Flint and Phantom integration.


This article will demonstrate the NuFi Browser Extension imitating Phantom wallet via MagicEden.




NuFi Browser Extension

Please ensure you have the NuFi Browser Extension installed.


Instructions on this can be found here.


Disabling Phantom Browser Extension

If you already have the Phantom browser extension installed, please disable it, otherwise, the DApp will try to connect to the Phantom wallet rather than the NuFi wallet.


In Chrome, managing extensions can be found as shown below:


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Instructions on how to disable extensions for different browsers can be found below:


Chrome: Instructions can be found here under ‘Disable an extension’

Brave: Instructions can be found here; see ‘Enable/Disable the extension’

Firefox: Instructions can be found here under ‘Disabling and removing extensions’

Edge: Instructions can be found here under ‘Turn of an extension in Microsoft Edge’


Step 1: MagicEden


Navigate to https://magiceden.io/


A popup for connecting to the NuFi Browser Extension will appear automatically



If the popup does not appear


If the pop up does not appear, select ‘Connect Wallet


MagicEden will automatically detect Phantom wallet. Select it:

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Step 2: Connect Wallet


Select the wallet you wish to use with MagicEden, input the password and press ‘Connect’.


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Step 3: Account Connect


Use the dropdown to select which of your SOL accounts you wish to use.


Then press ‘Connect


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Step 5: Connected


You will then be taken back to the MagicEden homepage, where your NuFi Browser Wallet will be connected:


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Step 6: Disconnect


To disconnect your NuFi Browser Wallet, select the arrow next to your wallet address, then press ‘Sign Out


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