Welcome to the NuFi support portal. To access the wallet, please visit https://wallet.nu.fi/ or download NuFi's Chrome extension with dApp connector here.

Now NuFi wallet supports Cardano, Milkomeda C1 and Ethereum blockchains, it’s easy to move assets between chains using permissionless bridges. This means you don’t need a centralized exchange like Binance to swap ETH for ADA or vice versa.

Before you start, you’ll need to install NuFi wallet’s browser extension and create a wallet (or import your existing one, hardware wallets supported).

Next, disable your MetaMask/Flint wallet extensions (click Extensions icon > Manage extensions > Turn MetaMask/Flint off).

When you connect to Dapps, choose to connect with MetaMask/Flint and NuFi will open instead. This is thanks to Wallet Emulation mode which allows NuFi to connect in place of popular wallets on Cardano, Ethereum, Milkomeda C1 and Solana blockchains (as long as the other wallet extension is disabled).

Disable MetaMask/Flint wallets before connecting to Dapps like asset bridges. Next, choose to connect using MetaMask/Flint and NuFi wallet will open instead thanks to Wallet Emulation mode 

1. First disable MetaMask/Flint wallets (if you have them installed and turned on) then visit Blueshift bridge here.

2. Choose to connect with MetaMask/Flint and NuFi will open instead.

3. Connect your NuFi wallet’s Cardano and Milkomeda C1 accounts.

4. Bridge ADA from Cardano to Milkomeda C1, where it becomes MilkADA (the native asset used to pay gas fees). MilkADA bridged back to Cardano becomes ADA.

Please remember: You may need to import a Milkomeda token’s information before it displays in your NuFi wallet (though the most popular tokens are whitelisted and will appear in your wallet automatically). To do that, click Manage Account on the Accounts screen (far right side of the account), and click Import Token. You can then paste the token's contract address or search for the token from the dropdown list.

1. First disable MetaMask wallet, then visit Celer’s cBridge here or Multichain bridge here.

2. Choose to connect with MetaMask and NuFi will open instead.

3. Connect your NuFi wallet’s Ethereum and Milkomeda C1 accounts.

4. Bridge assets between chains. Assets bridged to Milkomeda C1 can be swapped for MilkADA and other tokens using any of the DEXes below.

Please remember: after you bridge assets from Ethereum or Cardano to Milkomeda C1, you’ll need MilkADA to pay gas fees for every transaction (such as approving tokens, sending assets, making swaps, farming — the list is long) but if you can’t trade for MilkADA with the assets you bridged because you don’t have MilkADA to pay for the swap, then the simplest fix is to bridge ADA from Cardano to Milkomeda C1 to create MilkADA.

If that’s not possible because you don’t have any ADA, don’t despair: you can swap ETH (or 400+ other assets) for ADA directly in your NuFi wallet thanks to an integrated non-custodial Exchange that’ll deposit ADA in your account within 20 minutes.