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Step 1: Log In to NuFi Wallet

Step 2: Portfolio Manager

Once you have logged in, the Portfolio Manager page will be displayed, as shown below.

Step 3: Select Asset

On the corresponding row of the asset which you want to receive the funds, select ‘Receive’

This article will use Solana to demonstrate.

Step 4: Select Account

You will then be shown the below, where you can select the account you wish to receive the funds into, as well as view the wallet address and corresponding QR code for the selected account.

In this example, the wallet contains a soft wallet account, as well as a hardware wallet account. This example will demonstrate using the hot wallet account, ‘SOL_1'.

Provide the address to the sender

You will need to provide the account address to the sender, so they can specify where to send the funds. The sender can either scan the QR code or input the account address manually to input the receiving account address to specify where the funds will be sent.

Once the sender has obtained the account address, select ‘Done’.

Step 5: Portfolio Manager

You will then be taken back to the Portfolio Manager page, as shown below.

Please note that you may not see the funds deposited into your account immediately. The amount of time for funds to display in your wallet will vary by blockchain/asset/network etc.

Step 6: Funds received

Once the funds have been received, they will be displayed in the Portfolio Manager page, as shown below.