Welcome to the NuFi support portal. To access the wallet, please visit https://wallet.nu.fi/ or download NuFi's Chrome extension with dApp connector here.



Selecting the Staking menu displays a list of assets.

Here you are provided the total amounts for all accounts of each asset type. This basic information includes available balance, rewards, staked, and staked percentage for each asset type. Each column is defined below. Pressing the 'My Staking' button will provide additional information.

APY%: Displays the average annualized percentage yield for all accounts of the asset. (This is a future feature)

Available Balance: Displays the total amount of a particular asset that is available to use across all accounts.

Rewards: Displays the total amount of accrued rewards across all accounts that have not been withdrawn.

Staked: Displays the total amount of staked assets across all accounts.

Staked %: Displays the percentage of the asset that is staked across all accounts.

The values and descriptions above are displayed on the top row of the staking detail screen. Each of the following rows represents an independent wallet. 

In some instances, these rows represent several staking accounts. These would be indicated with a roll-up display and a number indicating the amount of staking accounts associated with that wallet. Pressing 'Show staking' will reveal all of the staking accounts associated with that wallet.


Available Balance

Displays the total amount of the asset that is available to use for each account.

Please see the following article on how to change currency.

Rewards Balance

Displays the total amount of accrued rewards for each account that has not been withdrawn.


Displays the amount of staked assets for each account.

Note: All fiat values displayed are based on the current up-to-date market price.


Displays the currently selected validator.

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