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Step 1: Access NuFi Wallet

Access NuFi Wallet. You will be taken to the Portfolio page:    


Step 2: Send

For the asset you wish to send crypto from, press ‘Send’ on the correct row, as shown below. 

This example will demonstrate using ADA.



Step 3: Send Options

You will then need to choose the account to send your crypto from, and the address/account that will receive it, the options for which are shown below:


Select the relevant Trezor account to send from

Transfer to 

If sending to an external address, enter the receiving address. If sending to one of your accounts, use the dropdown to select the account to send it to

Amount and fee

Input the amount of crypto you wish to send 

Network Fee

The network fee to send the transaction


Once you have done this, press ‘Continue’. 

Step 4: Review Transaction

You will then be shown a breakdown of the transaction. Review the transaction and press ‘Submit’:    


Step 5: Connect Trezor Device

You will be shown the below screen, asking you to connect and set up your Trezor device. Ensure your Trezor is connected,the Firmware is up to date, and press ‘I’ve set up my Trezor’:    

If you experience an error you will see the following message:

It is recommended to verify your Trezor firmware. When you connect your device in the Trezor Suite a banner will appear at the top of your dashboard.

Step 6: Trezor Confirmations

You will need to carry out the following confirmations on your Trezor device:     

New Popup Window

A new window will open that prompts you to allow NuFi to read your public keys from Trezor. Press “Allow once for this session” or you can optionally select “Don’t ask me again” that will skip this screen and take you directly to the password entry screen.

At the same time your Trezor will go through a few steps to confirm the export of your public keys for NuFi to facilitate your transaction. First is the prompt to enter your Hidden Wallet Password.

Enter your Trezor Hidden Wallet password (not your NuFi Wallet Login) and press “Enter”. The following screens are displayed on your Trezor. 

Once access is approved to the Hidden Wallet the browser window will update instructing you to complete the transaction from your Trezor.

Send to address - page 1

Send to address - page 2

Transaction Fee and Confirmation

After confirming the Transaction the Popup window should close and you will be returned to the NuFi tab and the Transaction Submitted page.

Step 7: Transaction Submitted

Once the transaction has been approved on your Trezor, you should see the confirmation: