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  • If you need to set up your Ledger, click here for their Start Guide
  • For additional Ledger Support, click here
  • This guide assumes that your Ledger Nano Device has been configured and you have installed the relevant blockchain app

Step 1: Connect Device and access NuFi Wallet

Ensure your Ledger Nano Device is connected, and the Ledger Live application is not open.

Step 2: Accounts

Beneath, Portfolio Manager, navigate to ‘Accounts'


Step 3: Add Account

Select '+ Add account' in the top right-hand corner


Step 4: Pair a hardware wallet

You will then be shown the following options. Select 'Pair hardware wallet':

Step 5: Selecting a hardware wallet

You will be asked to select your hardware wallet. Select ‘Ledger Nano S/X’:

Step 6: Select Blockchain

  • You will be asked to select the blockchain which you want to set up an account on
  • Ensure that you have installed the relevant app onto your Ledger Nano Device
  • Ensure the app is open on your Ledger Nano Device
  • Use the dropdown to select the blockchain you desire, then select 'Continue' 

Step 7: Ledger Connection

The following screen will be displayed, detailing instructions to ensure your Ledger can successfully be paired. Once you have confirmed each step, select 'I've setup my Ledger'


Connect device

A pop-up will appear, asking to connect your Ledger Nano Device.

Select the device, then press ‘Connect’:

Export public keys from the device

You will then be asked to confirm the export of the public keys, using your Ledger Nano device. You will need to use your device to do this.

Ledger Confirmations

Your Ledger Nano device will ask you to confirm the export of public keys. 

This example demonstrates using a Ledger Nano S, whereby you will need to select the button which corresponds to where the tick is to do so, as shown below. 

For a Ledger Nano S, to confirm export you will need to press both the left and right buttons simultaneously. 

Could not export Ledger keys

If any of the below are true, you may see the below message:
  • Your Ledger device is locked 
  • The appropriate app is not open
  • Your Ledger firmware is not up to date
  • You have Ledger Live open in the background 


Rectify any of the above, and then select 'Retry'. You will be taken back to the previous step.

Select Account

You will then be asked to select an account to use.

Select the new account, then press ‘Continue’:

Please note that in this step you can restore any previous account held on the Ledger, including any that you may have elected to 'Forget' within NuFi. 

Step 8: Create an account name

  • Once you have successfully exported your public keys, you will be asked to name your new Ledger account
  • This can be left as the default name, or you can change it as you wish
  • Once you have done this, select 'Continue':

Step 9: Account added

When you have successfully added the account, you will see the below screen. Select 'Start using account':

Step 10: In NuFi Wallet

Your new account will appear in your NuFi wallet, as shown below. (Notice the Ledger icon so you can easily identify your hardware wallet account from the hot wallet accounts)