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A mnemonic is a group of words used to generate a deterministic wallet. Your wallet. 

Here are some important things to remember:

  • If you lose your mnemonic phrase, IT CAN'T BE RECOVERED. Not even by the NuFi support team. So, keep your phrase in a safe and secure location. 
  • NEVER give your mnemonic phrase to anyone you don't know. Ever. If you give out your mnemonic phrase it's like handing them all of your cryptocurrency. They will be able to spend it or send it anywhere. 
  • NuFi support team will never ask for your mnemonic phrase. 
  • We require you to set an application password as additional protection. If you lose your application password, you CAN use the mnemonic seed phrase to recover your wallet. Those instructions can be found here.  

Here are the basics:

  • The mnemonic phrase can come in lengths of 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words depending on the wallet. At NuFi we use a 15 words mnemonic phrase to generate your wallet.
  • It is interoperable with other wallets
  • It's often called a seed phrase or recovery phrase.
  • Most wallets are generated using only English words.
  • You must always use lower case letters when entering your recovery phrase. 
  • Words that are similar are not used. For instance, 'man' is in the BIP-39 word list, but 'men' is not.
  • There are 2048 possible approved words in BIP-39.

How is a recovery phrase created? 

Rather than trying to remember or store a binary or hexadecimal number Bitcoin created a way to interact or recover that long string of numbers with a group of words. This is the essence of BIP-39. Much has been written regarding the technical process in generating the mnemonic, and its conversion to a hexadecimal equivalent address that allows you to interact with the blockchain. Most blockchains have implemented a similar method or simply used BIP-39 with minor changes.