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Step 1: Log in to your NuFi account 

In order to add an account, you should be logged in to your NuFi account.

Step 2: Navigate to Accounts

Under the Portfolio Manager navigate to your accounts by Clicking on Accounts.

Step 3: Add Account

In the top right-hand corner of the NuFi wallet, select ‘+ Add account'

Step 4: How do you want to add a new account?

At this step, you will see the popup shown below, and you can select the type of account to add to your portfolio. If you select "Create new account" it will be linked to your existing Hot Wallet accounts and the mnemonic phrase that was generated from the NuFi Wallet. When selecting "Pair hardware wallet" you will have an option to create a hardware wallet account using a Ledger Nano S/X or a Trezor Model T.

Step 4 Continued: Create new account

Select 'Add new account'

Step 5: Select Blockchain

Use the drop-down to display the list of blockchain accounts available.

Step 5 Continued: Select Blockchain

Select the blockchain of the account you want to add.

Step 5 Continued: Select Blockchain

Once you have selected the desired blockchain press 'Continue'.

Step 6: Choose account

You will be shown a list of accounts to use. 

Please note that in this step you can restore any previous account, including any that you may have elected to 'Forget' within NuFi.  

To create a new account, select the newest one, then press 'Continue'

Step 7: Create account name

You can add a descriptive name and press 'Continue'.

The account names can be changed within the NuFi app by using the Manage Account drop-down button from the Portfolio Manager Accounts Tab.

Step 8: Start using account

Once the account is successfully created press 'Start using account' to return to your accounts.

Finished Adding Account

You are taken back to the Portfolio Manager where the new account will appear in your NuFi wallet.