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Learn how to migrate your Cardano wallet from AdaLite to NuFi in our video below:

This article will outline how to import your wallet from AdaLite/Daedalus/Yoroi.

Ensure that you have your 15 words mnemonic/seed phrase in hand.


- If you're a Hardware Wallet user (not using the Hot Wallet mnemonic/seed phrase in AdaLite/Daedalus/Yoroi), you can find step-by-step guides here.

- You can pair a hardware wallet after your NuFi Wallet is created.

Step 1: Access NuFi Wallet

Step 2: Restore Wallet

You will be shown the below: 

Step 3: Recovery Phrase
Select 'Recovery Phrase', where you will be shown the below: 

Step 4: Enter Recovery Phrase

Enter each 15 words mnemonic/seed phrase in the same order it was given to you and press 'Continue'

Step 5: Set wallet name and password

You will then see a section appear, asking for a wallet name and to enter and confirm a password.

Enter a name for your NuFi wallet, and set and confirm a password. Once you have done this, press 'Recover'. (Important! Password minimum of 8 characters and must have complexities which consist of capital letter, small letter, number, & symbol)

Please note that these details will be used to log in to your imported wallet via NuFi in future. Please store this information securely. 

Step 6: Wallet Restored

You will then see the below message, confirming that your wallet has been restored. Press 'Go to Wallet dashboard' to start using your wallet.