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  • Your ADA is never locked. You are free to move your ADA at any time.
  • Your ADA never leaves your wallet; therefore, you cannot lose ADA via staking.
  • Staking Rewards are added and compounded automatically.
  • It can take 15-19 days to start receiving rewards after you begin staking
  • Fixed cost and margin are taken out of the total epoch rewards and go to the validator first. The rewards are then distributed to all delegators.

Epoch Information

  •  An epoch is approximately 5 days long

Rewards Schedule Timeline Example:

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  • It takes 15-19 days to start receiving rewards after you start staking
  • if you increase or decrease your staked amount (this is done by transferring ADA in to increase the amount or transferring out to decrease ADA), it takes 15-19 days for you to receive rewards based on this new balance
  • You are free to change the validator during the staking period and your entire stake account balance is automatically re-staked, with no further action required

Staking Amount

  • Any funds added to your account are automatically staked.
  • There's no 'unstake' function -- staking stops when all funds are transferred out of the account (i.e. the available balance is 0)
  • If you transfer funds out, you will receive rewards for 2 more epochs. It is advisable to leave a small amount of ADA in your available balance to pay the transaction fees to claim and then transfer the extra rewards
  • Funds are never locked and frozen and you can transfer them out at any time
  • Please note that the rewards calculation will start on the next Epoch.  
  • Rewards are re-staked automatically. 
  • The staked balance doesn't include rewards; however, rewards are still staked!