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  • Your SOL is locked and cannot be moved whilst it is staked
  • Your SOL never leaves your wallet; you can’t lose SOL via staking
  • There’s a small risk that your holdings may be slashed by the network as a punitive measure for malicious actions undertaken by your validator
  • Staking Rewards are added and compounded automatically
  • Staking SOL is a two-step process:

Transaction 1: 
Choose the amount to stake and create the staking account. Once you complete this step, your staking will show as 'Inactive':

Transaction 2:

Choose a validator.

  • Please be advised that unstaking can take a few days to complete because this action is directly tied to the blockchain's schedule/epoch cycle, and your SOL may be unavailable for a short period after you unstake it.
  • Please be aware: You need a small amount of SOL in your available balance to pay transaction fees each time you create a staking account (in step 1, which is choosing an amount to stake), select a validator, stop staking or withdraw; if you don't have enough SOL to pay the transaction fee in each of these steps, you will see an error message and you won't be able to complete these actions.

    Epoch Information

  • An epoch is approximately between 2-3 days long

Rewards Schedule Timeline Example:

Please note that clicking the images will enlarge them and will be clearer to view 

Staking Amount

  • The staking amount is decided when you start staking

  • To increase your stake, it is recommended to create a new staking account with the desired number of SOL. You can withdraw your SOL from the original staking account, however, you will have to wait for the epoch cycle to complete to do this. There will also be a transaction fee associated with this action.  

    Change Validator
  • You can’t change validator or withdraw rewards immediately as you have to stop staking and withdraw:  


Change Validator Example:

(Continued from Rewards Schedule Timeline Example)


  • If you choose to withdraw, your 0.00228288 SOL rent deposit will be returned to you. 
  • Rewards & Inactive and Locked Balance will be emptied.