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Please ensure you have your Sollet/Solflare seed phrase to hand

Step 1: Access NuFi Wallet

Access NuFi Wallet.

Step 2: Restore Wallet

Select ‘Restore Wallet’:

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Step 3: Recovery Phrase

You will be shown the below. Select ‘Recovery phrase’:

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Step 4: Recovery Phrase Length

You can then choose the length of recovery phrase you wish to input. 

Since this example will demonstrate importing a Sollet (or Solflare) wallet, which uses a 24-word mnemonic, select '24:

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Step 5: Input Recovery Phrase

Enter your 24-word Sollet/Solflare recovery phrase in the correct order. 

Ensure that you read and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, then click the checkbox to confirm you have done so. 

Once you have done this, press ‘Continue’

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Please note that the recovery phrases have been hidden for security purposes. 

Step 6: Create Wallet Name and Password

You will then be asked to create a name and password for your wallet. 

Input a name, then set and confirm the wallet password. Then press ‘Recover’:

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Import Successful

You will then be shown the below, confirming your wallet import has been successful. 

Press ‘Go to Wallet dashboard’:

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Step 7: Portfolio

You will then see your imported portfolio, as shown below: 

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