Welcome to the NuFi support portal. To access the wallet, please visit https://wallet.nu.fi/ or download NuFi's Chrome extension with dApp connector here.

NuFi's Roadmap for 2022

       Launch & Q1 2022:

✅   Cardano blockchain support

✅   In-app Cardano NFT gallery

✅   Solana blockchain support

✅   Staking dashboard

✅   In-app cross-chain exchange

✅   Hardware-wallet-only mode

✅   Export wallet's transaction history to CSV (Cardano)

        Completed Q2 2022:

✅   WingRiders Cardano DEX integration

   Flow blockchain support

   Flow token staking

   Flow NFT gallery

   Solana NFT gallery

   Export wallet's transaction history to CSV (Solana)

   Crypto purchases (buy/sell using card or bank transfer)

   Multi asset sending in one transaction (Cardano)

✅   Chrome extension + Cardano dApp connector

        Completed Q3 2022:

   View fiat value of Cardano tokens in Portfolio
   Solana Dapp connector (in browser extension)

   Flow Dapp connector (in browser extension) 

   Cloud sync (in browser extension) 

   Privacy mode (to hide balances) 

   Export staking rewards history (Solana)

   Support for ADA Handle custom wallet addresses

        Coming Q4 2022:

✅   Send multiple Solana assets in one transaction

✅   Flint and Phantom wallet emulation mode (in browser extension)

✅   MetaMask and Eternl wallet emulation mode (in browser extension)

   Ethereum blockchain integration

   Ethereum Dapp connector

   Ethereum NFT gallery

⬜   Ethereum staking

⬜   Milkomeda C1 sidechain support

⬜   Milkomeda Dapp connector

⬜   Two other EVM chains integration

⬜   Catalyst 2.0 implementation

⬜   Improved browser extension UI

        Coming Q1 2023:

⬜   More naming services

⬜   Improved wallet dashboard

⬜   Integration of additional sidechains of supported blockchains

⬜   Option to add any arbitrary EVM blockchain

        Coming Q2 2023:

⬜   Governance token

⬜   More PoS blockchains