Welcome to the NuFi support portal. To access the wallet, please visit https://wallet.nu.fi/ or download NuFi's Chrome extension with dApp connector here.

NuFi's Roadmap for 2022

       Launch & Q1 2022:

✅   Cardano blockchain support

✅   In-app Cardano NFT gallery

✅   Solana blockchain support

✅   Staking dashboard

✅   In-app cross-chain exchange

✅   Hardware-wallet-only mode

✅   Export wallet's transaction history to CSV (Cardano)

        Completed Q2 2022:

✅   WingRiders Cardano DEX integration

   Flow blockchain support

   Flow token staking

   Flow NFT gallery

   Solana NFT gallery

   Export wallet's transaction history to CSV (Solana)

   Crypto purchases (buy/sell using card or bank transfer)

   Multi asset sending in one transaction (Cardano)

✅   Chrome extension + Cardano dApp connector

        Coming Q3 2022:

   View fiat value of Cardano tokens in Portfolio
⬜   Solana dApp connector

⬜   Flow dApp connector

⬜   Ethereum blockchain support

⬜   Ethereum dApp connector

⬜   Ethereum NFT gallery

⬜   Smartphone optimization

⬜   Cloud sync (for backup/restore)

⬜   Advanced staking dashboard

⬜   Privacy mode

        Coming Q4 2022:

⬜   Ethereum staking

⬜   Two more Proof-of-Stake blockchains

⬜   Integration of DeFi protocols

⬜   NuFi's native governance token:

⬜   -- Token launch exploration

⬜   -- Develop utility (tiers/benefits)

⬜   -- Develop voting mechanism