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Release 10.0.0 (18/06/2024)

        New Features:

✅   Trezor hardware wallet can now be used also with Solana

✅   Added WalletConnect support for Solana

✅   Added Optimism chain support

✅   New design of EVM accounts management

✅   Recent rewards on Solana staking page link to blockchain explorer

   This is to provide better insight into rewards information

✅   View and export your 24-word backup recovery phrase for users who log in with a social account

✅   Deprecated less-used login options (Twitch, Apple, Github, Linkedin, Line & WeChat) to focus on most popular social accounts; if you need to access NuFi via these providers, email us: [email protected]


✅   Fixed app crashing when trying to import Flow tokens

✅   Fixed missing DEX logos in DexHunter Orders History

✅   Fixed edge-case related to creation of broken Solana stake account

Release 9.4.0 (27/05/2024)

        New features:

✅   DApp connector now warns about potential malicious sites

✅   Sped up loading of Solana staking overview

✅   Show Solana staking rewards over 3 epochs instead of all-time

✅   Updated Solana token list


✅   Fixed wrong transaction details if Solana Dapp tx simulation fails

✅   Fixed possible app crashing if forgetting accounts

✅   Fixed missing names of Flow validators when staking Flow

✅   Fixed missing epoch info in Flow staking overview

Release 9.3.0 (03/05/2024)

        New features:

✅   DexHunter now available also in NuFi web

✅   Added DexHunter Order History

✅   Support for sending Magic Eden Open Creator Protocol Solana NFTs

✅   Improved details about transactions from Solana DApps

✅   Add price change over 24 hours to price column in Portfolio


✅   Fix Ledger pairing in DApp connector window

✅   Fix slow loading of staking information for Solana

✅   Fix Cardano balance in DApps for accounts with multiple addresses

Release 9.2.0 (11/04/2024)

        New features:

✅   Boost tx submission success of Solana DApp TXs via NuFi RPC; this is an experimental feature

✅   Support Compressed NFTs on Solana

✅   Allow internal swaps for Solana tokens

✅   NuFi is now directly supported by most EVM dApps

✅   Use colorful icons in Exchange

✅   Sort portfolio assets by USD value

✅   Auto-discover more Flow tokens

✅   Use solscan.io as default Solana explorer

✅   Add TX explorer links to DApp connector & asset detail screens

✅   Shorten asset decimals in Portfolio


✅   Keep original wallet icons during Cardano wallet emulation

✅   Speedup Solana amount load in Portfolio

✅   Fix EVM notifications

Release 9.1.0 (07/03/2024)

        New features:

✅   Faster Solana transactions due to setting priority fees

✅   Allow adding new account from Asset detail screen

✅   Allow hiding zero balance accounts

✅   Warn when sending EVM funds to contract address


✅   Fixed unreliable/failing NFT page for Solana

✅   Fixed Solana staking not loading if having too many accounts

Release 9.0.0 (15/02/2023)

        New features:

✅   Streamlined social login experience

✅   In-app DEX for Cardano tokens powered by DexHunter

✅   Added support for Solana Token2022 standard

✅   Faster loading for Solana tokens


✅   Fixed swapping of EVM tokens in the Exchange

✅   Fixed Cardano DApp connector refusing to sign some transactions

Release 8.1.0 (19/01/2024)

        New features:

✅   Added support for Solana Programmable NFTs (pNFTs)

✅   Streamlined Solana staking process to take just one step

✅   Flint wallet emulation for DApp connector is now off by default

✅   Lilico emulation renamed to "Flow Reference Wallet"


✅   Fixed multiple bugs related to swapping Polygon

✅   Fixed missing fiat rates for multiple Solana tokens

Release 8.0.0 (20/12/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Trezor hardware wallet can now be used also with Solana

✅   Added WalletConnect support for Solana


✅   Fixed missing fiat values for some Cardano tokens

Release 7.2.0 (13/12/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Solana Wallet Standard support to make NuFi compatible with more DApps


✅   Fixed missing fiat rates for some Solana tokens

Release 7.1.0 (20/11/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Added support for Flow BR token


✅   Fixed NuFi extension sometimes not being detected by DApps

✅   Flow transaction history available again

✅   Fixed sending of Flow USDC token

✅   Fixed cloud sync in DApp connector window

Release 7.0.9 (20/10/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Added support for REVV token (Flow blockchain)


✅   Replaced Flowscan Flow explorer with Flowdiver

Release 7.0.6 (28/09/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Added adadomains support for Cardano

✅   Added blockchain badge for selected account/asset in Exchange


✅   Fixed social login on web

Release 7.0.1 (10/08/2023)


✅   WalletConnect connection with MinSwap and other general improvements

✅   Fixed Solana ledger blind signing issue for token and multi-asset transactions

Release 7.0.0 (27/07/2023)

        New Features:

✅   WalletConnect support added

Release 6.2.0 (01/06/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Milkomeda C1 transaction history now available inside the wallet

✅   Show 'Back to dApp' button in wallet when navigating from dApp connector

✅   Show reload button in the DApp connector header when user is logged in

✅   Loading indicator & Reload button now separate, so button is always clickable

✅   When opening Exchange, chosen receiving account is now pre-selected

✅   When opening Exchange, chosen coin is now pre-selected

✅   Also, chosen token is pre-selected if we can verify its ticker with Changelly

✅   Disable Exchange button for assets that aren't supported by Changelly


✅   Fixed fees validation when sending assets

✅   Fixed inactive "Exchange" button for external swaps

✅   Auto-close dApp connector's Settings screen when user action is needed (e.g. sign transaction)

Release 6.1.0 (22/05/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Significantly improved wallet loading time

✅   Improved UX when navigating between dApp connector and extension wallet

✅   Allow users to overwrite an existing wallet profile

✅   Create a new Flow account if chosen while creating a new wallet

✅   Display native asset balance when sending tokens
✅   EVM tokens can now be imported from the DApp connector


✅   Fixed exchanging of EVM assets

✅   Fixed exchanging of GLQ and EGLQ assets

✅   Fixed duplicate items in dApp directory

✅   Allow sending EVM tokens with more than 9 decimals

✅   Fixed maximum Cardano transaction size

Release 6.0.2 (03/05/2023)

        New Features:

✅   You can now log into the wallet right from the DApp connector window


✅   Fixed bug in amount validation when sending Ethereum NFTs

✅   Fixed syncing of seedless wallets when logging in through the DApp connector

✅   Fixed swapping of EGLQ token with Changelly

Release 6.0.0 (20/04/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Polygon blockchain support

✅   Support for Flow CSV export

✅   Crypto can be now bought from the Dapp connector window


✅   Fixed exchanging from hw wallet accounts and seedless wallets

✅   Fixed missing entries/times in Solana staking history

✅   Fixed portfolio value computation to include tokens as well

Release 5.0.0 (30/03/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Log in with a social account to create a Web3 wallet with no seed phrase to store

✅   Read more here: https://support.nu.fi/a/solutions/articles/80001070723

✅   Dapp connector now shows EVM transaction effects on wallet balance


✅   Fixed broken validation when sending EVM asset amounts exceeding 1000

✅   Fixed exchange history crashes for assets currently not listed by Changelly

✅   Faster loading of assets in the portfolio screen

Release 4.3.0 (10/03/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Dapp directory section to browse for popular Dapps (extension)

✅   Choose which blockchains to add accounts for when creating a new wallet

✅   Display more information when importing Flow token


✅   Fixed EVM asset detail loading

✅   Fixed duplicated items in Flow transactions export

✅   Fixed changing wallet profiles in Dapp connector

✅   Prevent changing EVM blockchain/account from Dapp connector during signing

✅   Improved Dapp connector experience on mobile devices

✅   Faster login into the wallet

Release 4.2.0 (16/02/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Show notifications in Chrome for transactions executed with Dapps

✅   Lilico wallet emulation: connect NuFi to any Dapp that supports Lilico

✅   Simplified process for adding new accounts

✅   Support of Flow account ownership proof to Dapps

✅   Can choose derivation path when adding Solana mnemonic account


✅   Improved performance for wallets with many assets

✅   Fixed max amount delegation for Flow staking accounts

Release 4.1.0 (26/01/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Add multiple accounts at once when pairing hardware wallet

✅   Send Flow assets to .find names

✅   Display native blockchain badge next to token icons

✅   Support of Flow account ownership proof to Dapps

✅   Switched Cardano explorer from Cardanoscan to Cexplorer


✅   Improved stability of EVM Dapp connector

✅   Fixed Milkomeda price history graph

✅   Stopped adding Ethereum/Milkomeda legacy accounts during wallet creation

Release 4.0.0 (16/01/2023)

        New Features:

✅   Added support for Milkomeda C1 sidechain::

✔️    Send and receive MilkADA and tokens

✔️    Connect to Milkomeda C1 Dapps (using browser extension)

✔️    Import custom ERC-20 tokens

✅   "Remember password" option when using Dapps

✅   (to skip entering your password for each transaction)

✅   Support for more fungible tokens on Flow blockchain

✅   Display account address in account select field


✅   Fixed Cardano token price calculations for low volume tokens

✅   Added blockchain explorer link to NFT details

✅   Added time field to transactions history export

✅   Warning about insufficient funds

✅   (for EVM transactions executed via Dapps)

Release 3.0.0 (01/12/2022)

        New Features:

✅   Ethereum blockchain integration:

✔️    Send and receive ETH and tokens

✔️    Connect to Ethereum Dapps (using browser extension)

✔️    Visually manage Ethereum NFTs using the NFT gallery

✔️    Import custom ERC-20 tokens

✔️    Browse transactions history

✅   Added support for Flow fungible tokens

✅   Added pagination for Flow NFTs

✅   Added Dapp wallet overrides into Settings of the main app

✅   Restyled Dapp connector toolbar

✅   Improved fuzzy search when importing a token


✅   Fixed account selection in transactions export

Release 2.6.0 (14/11/2022)

        New Features:

✅   NuFi can now emulate Eternl wallet when connecting to Cardano dApps

✅   Show explorer link for Flow tokens

✅   Added button to switch the 'from/to' assets when using the Exchange


✅   Speed up login to wallet

✅   Some NFT thumbnails were not showing

✅   Fixed interference with certain Ethereum dApps

Release 2.5.0 (19/10/2022)

        New Features:

✅   Redesigned token sending and add assets flow

✅   Support for new version of Flow Ledger app

✅   Fetch Flow NFTs from NFT catalog

✅   Validate Flow addresses against blockchain

✅   Added more fields for searching tokens in Portfolio

✅   Added notifications button to profile dropdown

✅   Highlight selected period on price chart


✅   Unified NFT name labels for Cardano

✅   Fixed empty thumbnails in NFT gallery

✅   Fixed sending of Flow NFTs with optional ‘from’ address

✅   Improved handling of no accounts in Dapp connector

Release 2.4.0, 2.4.2 (11/10/2022)

        New Features:

✅   Flint and Phantom wallet 'emulation mode' in browser extension:

✔️   the extension acts as Flint (Cardano) or Phantom (Solana) wallets by default,

✔️   making the NuFi extension usable even with Dapps that don't support it directly

✅   Send multiple Solana tokens at once

✅   Search for NFTs in the NFT gallery

✅   See the amount of each NFT in the NFT gallery

✅   Check profile syncing status in Settings


✅   Fixed alphabetical sorting of Cardano assets

✅   Fixed asset exchanging to external addresses

Release 2.3.3 (23/09/2022)

        New Features:

✅   Added message signing to Flow


✅   Fixed a bug in the exchange causing external swaps on coins supported by NuFi to fail

Release 2.3.0, 2.3.1 (13/09/2022)

         New Features:

✅    A wallet's accounts and settings will now be synchronised across devices

️   Flow transaction history is now available directly in the app

️   You can now hide your balances thanks to "Privacy mode"

️   Added Solana staking rewards to CSV export


✅    Fixed slow loading of wallets with a large amount (100+) of tokens

Release 2.2.5, 2.2.6 (24/08/2022)

         New Features:

✅    Import Flow NFT collections and collectibles from NFT gallery

️   Added support for ADA Handle's human-readable wallet addresses


✅    Fixed signing transactions with NFTs for HW wallets on jpg.store

✅    Fixed issue when sending all Cardano tokens out of the wallet

✅    Flow NFT gallery fixes

Release 2.2.3 (04/08/2022)

         New Features:

✅    Explorer link added to 'Transaction Status' for completed/pending transactions


✅    Fixed crashing when sending unregistered Cardano tokens

✅    Fixed Flow NFT collection setup to work with other wallets

Release 2.2.1 (21/07/2022)

         New Features:

✅    Search assets by name and filter by blockchain in Portfolio screens

️   Simpler creation of a new wallet for hardware wallet users


✅    Limited decimals used in Exchange for supported blockchains

✅    Speeded up Solana accounts discovery

✅    Fixed Chrome extension connector window sometimes not opening

✅    Fixed crashing when viewing asset detail page with no Flow accounts

✅    Fixed crashing Exchange for assets temporarily disabled by Changelly

Release 2.2.0 (07/07/2022)

         New Features:

✅    Filter assets by blockchain, plus hide NFTs and zero balances in Portfolio

️   Added fiat values of Cardano tokens (data provided by WingRiders)

️    Added epoch information to My Staking screen

️   Added farm liquidity column to WingRiders DEX farms

️   Enabled profile overwriting when restoring from backup file


✅    Improved asset detail screen with a more compact design

✅    Improved UI when sending Solana NFTs

✅    Improved formatting for tokens with large quantities

Release 2.1.0 (07/06/2022)

         New Features:

✅    Send multiple Cardano assets (tokens and NFTs) in a single transaction

️   Buy and sell crypto using card/bank transfer (via Moonpay)

️    Use a Ledger hardware wallet via USB on Android devices

️   Export transaction history for Solana


✅    Fixed certain cases of the app crashing after transaction submission

✅    UI improvements on Assets screen

Release 2.0.2 (25/05/2022)


✅    Improved Solana staking history loading speed and stability

✅    Fixed importing of tokens

✅    Fixed Solana NFT Gallery and showing of NFTs on Portfolio screen

Release 2.0.0 (10/05/2022)

         New Features:

✅    Flow blockchain integration:

✔️    Send and receive $FLOW and $USDC/$FUSD stablecoins

✔️    Store and stake $FLOW using Ledger and non-hardware accounts

✔️    Visually manage Flow NFTs using the NFT gallery

✅    Solana NFT gallery to visually manage Solana NFTs

    Import tokens and display them in your Assets and Accounts


✅    Fixed bug when staking MAX amount in Solana staking accounts

✅    UI improvements (inc. badges added to distinguish NFTs in Assets list)

✅    Improved feedback messages during WingRiders DEX transactions

Release 1.6.1 (14/04/2022)

         New Features:

✅    Wingriders DEX:

✔️    Gain on fees by farming on WingRiders DEX from inside the NuFi app!

✔️    DEX-related transaction history is now visible

✔️    To access WingRiders DEX from the NuFi app, select WingRiders on the left-side menu

✅    Added support for displaying values in 17 more fiat currencies:

✔️    Added TRY, BRL and MXN + 14 more; see all in wallet Settings


✅    Fixed issue when exchanging from ADA using 'My account' option

✅    Percentage of ADA staked is now displayed correctly

✅    Cardano NFTs with missing name in metadata now shown in NFT gallery

Release 1.6.0 (12/04/2022)

         New Features:

    WingRiders DEX is now live on Mainnet!

✔️    Seamless swaps of Cardano native tokens and ERC-20 assets

✔️    Gain on fees by creating liquidity pools or providing liquidity to the existing ones

✔️    All your ADA in pools is automatically staked so you won't lose out on staking rewards

✔️    Directly accessible farming and hardware wallet support coming soon to NuFi

✔️    To access WingRiders DEX from the NuFi app, select WingRiders on the left-side menu

Release 1.5.1 (01/04/2022)


    Fix edge case in NFT gallery causing some NFTs to be duplicated

    Other minor UI fixes

Release 1.5.0 (29/03/2022)

         New Features:

    Show the quantity of an owned NFT and add ability to send multiples of it

    Add social media icons to the footer of the page for easier access to community channels

    Wingriders DEX testnet:

✔️    Upgrade DEX version

✔️    Continue using your wallet while transactions are submitting

✔️    Add token to token liquidity pool and swap functionality

✔️    Enable reclaims of DEX requests before their deadline


    Speed up profile login

    Show appropriate error message when attempting to send SOL tokens with insufficient funds

    Fix broken imported profile name encoding on macOS

    Fix staking key hash hex inconsistency with AdaLite

Release 1.4.0 (March 2022)

 ️        New Features:

    Continue using your wallet while transactions are submitting:

✔️    Submit transaction, then continue without waiting for result

✔️    Track transaction status in the top bar

    Ability to export Cardano transaction history

    Show names of existing accounts when adding a new one


    Fix the issue with sending Solana tokens to empty accounts

    Enable 'Show account history' option on the accounts screen

Release 1.3.0 (March 2022)

         New Features:

    In-app crypto-to-crypto exchange:

✔️    Trade 100s of cryptocurrencies directly in the NuFi app

✔️    Deposit supported cryptocurrencies directly into your NuFi wallet

✔️    Access it via Portfolio > 'Exchange' tab, or Assets list > 'Exchange' button


    Fix "Manage account" popup overflowing when scrolled to the bottom of the page

Release 1.2.0 (March 2022)

         New Features:

    Introduce 'hardware wallet only' mode in which:

✔️    No new accounts will be created automatically

✔️    Users can skip recovery phrase confirmation (can be done later if needed)


    Fix crashes for some browser locales

    Add warning about incognito mode before accessing a wallet

    Fix incorrect matching of Solana staking accounts to their parent accounts

Release 1.1.6 (February 2022)

         New Features:

    Ability to forget/hide accounts you don't want to display:

✔️    From Portfolio > Accounts > 'Manage account' sub-menu (right side) > Forget account

    Introduce plain text mode for recovery phrase confirmation


    NFT gallery selection works when selecting lots of NFTs

    Fix Stake "MAX" amount (Solana) to withhold a portion of funds for transaction fees

    Loading indicator is always spinning when something is loading in the background

    Activation of Solana stake account does not lead to infinite loading

    Cardano account is properly pre-selected when sending

    Prevent scientific numbers notation when hitting "MAX" button in modals

Release 1.1.5 (February 2022)

         New Features:

    Added link to validator information page during staking setup


    NFT gallery now displays large numbers of NFTs correctly

    NFT gallery now doesn't display registered fungible tokens

January 2022 Release #2


    Improved transaction sending which should help prevent the frequent failures with... 

    ...transaction submission timeouts due to network congestion (on both Adalite and Nufi)

    Improved: faster fees computation for Cardano transactions

    Fix for Ledger failing with Cardano transactions containing many NFTs/tokens

January 2022 Release #1

         New Features:

    Added ability to view NFTs full size (after clicking the image on NFT detail page) 

    Added ability to view animated NFTs (when viewing NFT detail page)

    Added showing fiat rates for Solana tokens

    Added additional information in Cardano stake modal (fixed cost/tax explanation)


    Stability/performance improvements

    Fixed tokens being handled as NFTs when sending

December 2021

         New Features:

    Integrated Wingriders DEX on Testnet

    Added ability to rename accounts (on Accounts tab)

    Added ability to rename wallet profile (in Settings)

    Added asset sorting functionality (on Assets)

    Added ability to delete profile from device (in Settings)

    Added how-to guides to our knowledge base (https://support.nu.fi/)

    Added fetching of Solana token decimals for unregistered tokens 

    Added showing of wrapped Solana ticker as WSOL


    Improved app wording, including error messages

    Improved handling of adding Solflare mnemonic accounts

    Fixed issues concerning slow loading of Solana accounts

    Fixed issues with Latest News widget on asset information page

    Fixed incorrect fiat values for Solana tokens 

    Fixed freezing UI for accounts with long Cardano transaction history 

    Fixed inconsistent ordering of assets by name 

    Fixed app freezing if user has many (hundreds/thousands) of tokens 

    Fixed displaying of details when sending Cardano tokens