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This article will demonstrate how to install the NuFi Browser Extension wallet. The article uses Chrome as an example, but NuFi browser extension is compatible with Chrome, Brave, Edge and Opera browsers.


Step 1: Access NuFi Browser Extension Download


Using Google Chrome, access the URL https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nufi/gpnihlnnodeiiaakbikldcihojploeca 

Step 2: Add to Chrome


Select ‘Add to Chrome




Step 3: Accept Permissions


A popup will appear, outlining the permissions the NuFi Browser Extension will have.


Select ‘Add extension





Step 4: Downloading


The NuFi Browser Extension will begin downloading:




Step 5: Extension Installed


Once the NuFi Browser Extension has been installed, a popup will appear notifying you of this:


Step 6: Accessing the Extension


To access the NuFi Browser Extension (on Chrome, for example), select the Chrome Extensions icon, then select ‘NuFi’:



This will open the NuFi Browser Extension wallet.



Step 7: Pinning the Extension (Optional)


The NuFi Browser Extension can be pinned, for quick and easy access. This prevents you from needing to open your Browser Extensions every time you wish to access the NuFi Browser Extension.


To pin the NuFi Browser Extension in Chrome, repeat Step 9 and press ‘Pin’, shown in blue below:



Once you have pinned the NuFi Browser Extension, it will appear to the right of the address bar in Google Chrome:


Step 8: Create or restore an account


When the browser extension is installed, click the extension icon and you'll see the image below.

If you don't yet have a wallet, please click 'Create New Wallet' and follow the on-screen instructions. This will create new Cardano, Flow and Solana accounts for you.

If you have a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet and want to manage your Cardano, Flow or Solana accounts using NuFi, please click 'Pair Hardware wallet' and follow the on-screen instructions to import your hardware wallet's accounts.

If you already have an existing mnemonic/non-hardware wallet that uses a 12, 15 or 24-word seed phrase, please click 'Restore Wallet' and enter your seed phrase in the form shown. This will import your wallet's accounts and assets into NuFi.