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This article will demonstrate how to switch to another NuFi wallet, whilst using WingRiders.


This article assumes:



Step 1: WingRiders


On the WingRiders swap page, refresh the page.


This can be done by pressing F5 on your keyboard or by reloading the page.





Step 2: Change Profile


A pop-up will appear, where you can select another NuFi profile to use with WingRiders.


Select ‘Change profile’.




Step 3: Select Profile


Use the dropdown to select the desired wallet.





Step 4: Enter Password


Enter the wallet password, then press ‘Connect’.




Step 5: Select Account


A list of accounts within the wallet can be selected by using the dropdown.


Select the desired account to use with WingRiders.




Step 6: Connect


Once you have selected the account to use, press ‘Connect’.




Step 7: Connected


The wallet will now be connected.