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This article will demonstrate how to connect your NuFi Browser Extension wallet to a dApp.


This article will demonstrate using WingRiders.





Step 1: Access WingRiders


Access WingRiders





Step 2: Connect Wallet


In the top right-hand corner, select ‘Connect Wallet




Step 3: Select Wallet


A list of available wallets to connect will display.


Select ‘NuFi’.




Step 4: Choose Wallet


A pop-up will appear, asking you to select the NuFi account you wish to sign in with




Step 5: Choose Account


You will then need to choose the account you wish to use with WingRiders.


Use the dropdown to select the desired account.



Note: The selection of accounts will vary depending on the blockchain of the dApp you connect to.

Step 6: Connect


Once you have selected the account, press ‘Connect’.





Step 7: Wallet Connected


Once the wallet has been successfully connected, you will see the below:




Please note that whilst the wallet is connected, the following pop-up will be displayed. Please ensure that you do not close or refresh the window until you are finished using the dApp.



Please also note that NuFi's browser extension creates a new window for each dApp you connect to, but the windows operate independently: changing the connected account/wallet in one window will not affect any other windows that may be open.


Step 8: Disconnect Wallet


To disconnect your wallet, select the wallet address in the top right-hand corner:



Then press ‘Disconnect’: