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You can connect NuFi wallet to Dapps even if they don't support NuFi directly thanks to a feature called Wallet Emulation mode. This lets NuFi use another wallet's connection to the Dapp and simply connect in its place (if the other wallet is disabled).

With Wallet Emulation mode, you can connect to Dapps that support:

  • Eternl or Flint wallets (Cardano)
  • MetaMask wallet (Ethereum and Milkomeda C1) 
  • Lilico wallet (Flow)
  • Phantom wallet (Solana)

To use this feature:

1) Disable the relevant wallet extension

E.g. to connect in place of MetaMask wallet, disable MetaMask wallet extension by clicking the Extensions icon > Manage extensions, then switch the toggle from blue to grey (see image). This disables the extension but doesn't remove it.


2) Reload the Dapp and then click 'Connect with xxx'

Reload the page -- this is very important -- and click 'Connect with MetaMask'. NuFi will launch instead and you'll be prompted to choose which of your NuFi wallet profiles and which account to connect with. If NuFi doesn't launch, please check that MetaMask is disabled, reload the page and try again.

Here it is in action on Opensea (Ethereum NFT marketplace):

Here you can see NuFi connect to Cardano, Ethereum, Milkomeda C1 and Solana Dapps using Eternl, Flint, MetaMask and Phantom wallet connections:

Here's NuFi connecting in place of Lilico wallet on Flow blockchain's Flovatar: