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What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is a tool that lets you connect your web wallet directly to decentralized applications (dApps). WalletConnect forms a secure bridge between your wallet and a dApp, allowing you to interact with the dApp through an encrypted connection.

You can connect your NuFi wallet to any Cardano DApp that supports WalletConnect.

Important: please enable browser notifications before using WalletConnect

We use notifications to let you know when there is a transaction signing request; you can click the notification to go directly to the NuFi wallet connector window where you’ll be able to approve or reject the transaction.

To allow notifications:

  1. Click WalletConnect on the left-side menu in your NuFi wallet

  2. Allow browser notifications by clicking the ‘Allow notifications’ toggle, then click ‘Allow’ in the top left of the screen:

    If you don’t see the toggle shown in Step 1 above:
    (for Chrome, Brave, Opera and Edge browsers): Click the padlock icon next to the URL and, in Notifications, switch the toggle to blue (for Edge, choose ‘Allow’) and reload the page:

(for Firefox): Click the icon shown below and click Blocked, then reload the page:

(for Safari): Go to Safari in the top menu and select Preferences. Go to Websites > Notifications. Select ‘Allow’ next to wallet.nu.fi and reload the page.

Important: if notifications are allowed by the browser but are not appearing, please check that your operating system is allowing your browser to send notifications: read how to do that here.

To connect your wallet to a DApp using WalletConnect:

  1. Select WalletConnect from the DApp’s connection options:

  2. Copy the WalletConnect link by clicking the icon or text shown below:

  1. In your NuFi wallet: click WalletConnect on the left-side menu, paste the link into the WalletConnect URI box, and click Connect.

  2. A NuFi wallet connector window will open; select the wallet profile you want to use and confirm your password, then choose which account you want to connect to the DApp. Click Connect and you’ll be connected.

    Important: do not close this window while using the DApp. If you close it, your wallet will be disconnected from the DApp and you will need to repeat this process and re-connect using a new WalletConnect link (links cannot be re-used). 

  3. Navigate back to the DApp and you will see that your NuFi wallet is now connected.

To approve (i.e. sign) transactions:

  • When there is a transaction signing request, a browser notification will appear in the bottom right of the screen; you can click this notification to go directly to the NuFi wallet connector window where you can confirm or reject the transaction:

    If browser notifications do not appear, please make sure you have enabled notifications (using the steps shown above) and, if notifications still don’t appear, please make sure browser notifications are enabled by your operating system too (click here to see how).

Good to know:

  • You can connect to multiple DApps simultaneously using WalletConnect; for each connection, you will have a separate NuFi wallet connector window.

  • Some DApps may require you to re-connect if you reload the DApp’s page or open the DApp in a new tab. If this happens, you will need to use a new WalletConnect link (links cannot be re-used).