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NuFi's DexHunter integration allows you to swap any token on the Cardano blockchain at the best prices guaranteed.

DexHunter does this by aggregating the major Cardano DEXes so it knows where to place your order to get the best prices, splitting orders between multiple DEXes (meaning multiple liquidity pools) so you can get the best value even for large orders.

When you make a trade, you'll see which DEXes will be used and you can exclude DEXes you don't want to use (in the Details section just above the Swap button).

How to use DexHunter (currently only in NuFi's browser extension wallet)

1) Open your NuFi wallet and click DexHunter on the left

2) Set up your token trade; you can use the default 'Swap' function which executes the trade immediately at market price, or you can create a Limit order which will execute the trade at the price you choose.

3) Click Swap and sign the transaction.

TIP: you may need to refresh your wallet (using the arrow icon at the top of the wallet page) before new tokens appear in your Assets and Accounts screens.

To view or cancel orders

1) Click the 3-bar icon in the top right of the widget and click 'View orders'. You'll be redirected to DexHunter's platform (straight to your orders page), where'll you need to connect with your NuFi wallet (using the wallet and account you were trading with before).


2) To cancel an order, click the [X] icon at the end of the row. NuFi's dApp connector window will popup; confirm and sign the transaction.