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This article explains how to use NuFi wallet to stake the SOL stored in your Trezor T or Safe 3 hardware wallet.

NuFi is a non-custodial Solana (and multi-chain) wallet that supports Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets and native Solana staking (i.e. staking directly to the blockchain with no middleman).

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Intro to staking Solana with Trezor T or Safe 3 and NuFi wallet

With NuFi wallet, you can stake the Solana (SOL) in your Trezor T or Safe 3 hardware wallet directly and earn SOL rewards every 2 to 3 days.

The rewards are paid to you by the blockchain itself as a thank you for making your SOL's decentralized voting power available; this voting power is used in a number ways, for example in reaching consensus when transactions are verified and added to a new block.

Below: Solana staking dashboard inside NuFi wallet

When you stake SOL using NuFi, there's no middleman or 3rd-party.

Only you can access your assets and nobody can prevent you from unstaking and withdrawing your SOL (when it becomes available one epoch after unstaking). The SOL you stake via NuFi never leaves your wallet and you retain full ownership of your staked SOL at all times. 

There are two versions of NuFi's non-custodial wallet — a browser extension wallet that you download from Chrome web store and a web-based wallet accessed via a URL with no downloads —  and both support Trezor/Solana staking.

Both versions connect to Solana DApps too (NuFi's browser extension uses Solana's wallet adapter to do this and connects to 99% of Solana DApps; the web wallet can connect to any DApp that supports WalletConnect).

Solana staking rewards are re-staked automatically. You can withdraw these rewards and your delegated SOL at any time.

When you do this, there's a 2-3 day (1 epoch) cooldown period imposed by the blockchain itself before you can withdraw the SOL to your available balance.

When you stake Solana using NuFi wallet, you can choose the validator you want to stake to and you can have multiple stake accounts if you want. There's no minimum staking period.

The SOL rewards you earn from staking come from the blockchain's treasury, which is funded by transaction fees (among other things). There's no 3rd-party or middleman involved in funding or distributing Solana staking rewards: the blockchain pays SOL rewards directly into your Solana stake account.

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Before you can stake SOL using a Trezor hardware wallet, you need to set up a NuFi wallet and pair your Trezor's Solana accounts.
NuFi wallet is non-custodial and has no control over the crypto assets that you manage, stake or swap within the NuFi wallet interface. Only you have access to your crypto.

The first part of this video shows how to install NuFi wallet and pair your Trezor's Solana accounts (this takes about a minute). The second part shows how to connect your Trezor to Solana DApps using NuFi, so watch to the end if you're interested:

  • Make sure your Trezor device is up to date (use Trezor Suite to update if needed)
  • Make sure Trezor Suite is closed before doing any of the steps below

Create a NuFi wallet

Make sure your Trezor device is up to date and that Trezor Suite is closed before continuing.

Pair your Trezor's Solana accounts with your NuFi wallet

  • Choose to 'Pair hardware wallet' and follow the on-screen instructions to pair your Trezor's Solana account(s)
  • You can pair existing accounts or add new ones at any time from Portfolio > Accounts screen:

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Create a stake account

  1. Click Staking on the left-side menu in NuFi wallet
  2. Click My Staking for SOL/Solana blockchain
  3. Click Stake SOL

  4. Choose an amount to stake and a validator to stake to (or use the suggested one)

  5. Confirm the transaction in NuFi wallet, and then on the device, and you'll see a message confirming that the SOL has been staked successfully.

  6. You'll find your new stake account on the Solana staking dashboard.


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About staking rewards

It takes 2-3 days for your new stake account to activate, then 4-6 more days before you start receiving SOL staking rewards.
The staking rewards you receive are re-staked automatically.
To withdraw, change validator or stop staking, click the 3-dot menu on the right side and follow on-screen instructions.


Problem: When I try to export my public keys or sign a transaction, Trezor Connect doesn't pop up.

Cause: Something is preventing the Trezor Connect window from opening.

Solution: Double-check your browser's security settings and enable permissions like 'popups/redirects'; try disabling preset security schemes temporarily and be alert to icons and popups telling you that a window has been blocked.

Problem: The Trezor Connect window appears but I don't see my device listed.

Cause: Your browser isn't discovering your Trezor device; you need to connect the device and browser.

Solution: Disconnect and re-connect your device, and pay attention to a popup from the browser asking if you want to connect to the device.

When you see this popup, click the device name itself inside the popup (so it's highlighted) then select Connect.

Please reach out to our support team on Discord or create a support ticket if you need assistance.

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