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The Cardano Wallet widget appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen each time you connect to a Cardano DApp using MetaMask. This widget is used to interact with Cardano DApps, manage Cardano tokens, and access wallet functionality.

  1. Open NuFi; this opens NuFi wallet, where you can access additional wallet Cardano functionality such as send and stake ADA.

  2. Account name; clicking the Copy icon here will copy your Cardano account’s receiving address.

  3. Refresh (re-load) wallet contents.

  4. Settings; clicking this will open the settings tab where you’ll be able to change the display currency.

  5. Account balance; this is the combined value of your ADA and Cardano tokens.

  6. Receive; this will show your Cardano account’s receiving address.

  7. Exchange; open an exchange to swap Cardano tokens or exchange tokens on other blockchains for ADA.

  8. Buy/Sell; buy ADA with a bank card, Apple/Google pay, and other payment options or sell ADA and deposit the money into your bank account.

  9. Activity; this will display your account’s transaction history.

  10. Tokens; these are the Cardano tokens you have in your wallet.

  11. NFTs; these are the NFTs you have in your wallet.

  12. Cardano (ADA); this is how many Cardano tokens you have in your wallet. ADA is Cardano’s native token and is used to pay transaction fees.


This tab shows your Cardano account’s receiving address. Your Cardano account is derived from your MetaMask wallet’s secret recovery phrase.

You can use this receiving address as the destination if you buy ADA on a cryptocurrency exchange and want to send it to your Cardano wallet. If you do this, be sure to select ‘Cardano’ as the network used to make the withdrawal from the exchange.

The QR code is a visual representation of your wallet’s receiving address; you can scan this QR code on a mobile device to quickly enter your receiving address instead of typing it manually.

Important: Be sure to copy and paste addresses using the ‘copy to clipboard’ icon rather than typing out a receiving address manually, and always double check!

Verify in MetaMask; clicking this will display your Cardano account’s address in the MetaMask wallet interface for you to verify that the address displayed in the Cardano Wallet widget is correct.


On this tab, you’ll see a list of your Cardano account’s transactions.

Clicking on a transaction will show more details and a link to view the transaction on a Cardano block explorer.