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The cross-chain exchange allows you to exchange 500+ assets for ADA. There’s no registration or KYC needed and you’ll receive the ADA into your wallet in under 10 minutes.

  1. a) From the Cardano Wallet widget: Click Exchange in the wallet widget and choose ‘Cross-chain exchange’; NuFi will open in a new browser tab and you’ll see the Exchange window

    b) If you’re using wallet.nu.fi, open the Assets page (in Portfolio) and click ‘Swap Crypto’

  2. On the left side, select the token that you want to exchange for ADA.
    The exchange supports 500+ tokens, which can all be exchanged for ADA.

  3. Choose an amount to exchange

  4. On the right side, where it says ‘My account’, ensure that your account is selected as the receiving account

  5. Click Continue; review the exchange details, check the ‘I agree’ box, and click Exchange

  6. You’ll see a confirmation of your exchange order and a payin address; using an external wallet that contains the token you’re swapping, send the specified amount of the token to the unique payin address shown on your screen (below is an example)

    Important: to reduce the risk of sending tokens to the wrong address, use the ‘copy to clipboard’ icon to copy and paste the payin address instead of typing it manually.

  7. The exchange service (powered by Changelly) will receive the token you send, then swap it for ADA and deposit the ADA into your wallet.

    It can take up to 10 minutes for the ADA to be deposited into your wallet. If the ADA isn’t visible after this time, click the Refresh icon to reload your wallet’s contents.

    You can see pending, completed and expired exchange orders on the Exchange history tab inside NuFi wallet. Here, you can find the payin address for pending orders if you need this information.