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You can transfer the ADA from your wallet to another wallet or centralized exchange at any time.

Requirements: at least 1 ADA (this is the minimum Send amount), plus enough ADA to pay the transaction fee

To send ADA:

  1. Open NuFi by clicking the Expand icon in the top left of the Cardano Wallet widget, or visit wallet.nu.fi and click the MetaMask wallet icon to open your Cardano wallet.

  2. Inside NuFi wallet, you’ll see Cardano (ADA); click Send on the right side

  3. Where it says ‘Transfer to: External address’, enter the wallet address that you want to send ADA to. This address should start with ‘addr1…’ or ‘DdzFF…’ and only Cardano wallet addresses can be entered here.

  4. Next, enter the amount of ADA you want to send.

  5. Click continue, review the transaction details, and click Submit when you’re ready to send the ADA.

    MetaMask wallet will launch and, inside the MetaMask wallet interface, you’ll be asked to approve the transaction. Clicking Approve here will authorize the transaction and it’ll be submitted to Cardano blockchain.