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Step 1: Access NuFi Wallet

Access NuFi Wallet.

You will be taken to Portfolio Manager, as shown below.

Step 2: Staking

Navigate to ‘Staking’ in the left-hand corner, as shown below.

No previous staking

If you do not have any staked assets yet, you will be taken to the ’What is staking’ page.

To begin staking, select ‘My staking’.

Step 3: Select Asset

The assets that are available to be staked will be shown.  

Press ‘Start staking’ on the asset you wish to begin staking for.

This example will demonstrate using Cardano that is stored within a hot wallet account.

Step 4: Select Account

The list of available accounts will then be displayed.

Select ‘Stake’ on the account you want to begin staking for.

Step 5: Staking Options

You will then be shown below, where you can select options for staking.


Step 4 demonstrates how to select the account you wish to stake; however, this can be changed by using the dropdown shown below.

In this example, we will not be changing the account selected for staking, therefore this step is just for information.

Staking Pool

You will be shown a list of stake pools to select from, as shown beneath ‘Other’ in the below image. Use the scroll bar to navigate the list, then select the pool you wish to join.

Alternatively, in the ‘Ticker, Name, Poolid, pool1…’ box, you can manually input details of the stake pool you want to join.  

This example will demonstrate using the pool ‘[NUFI1] Nu.Fi & Adalite 1’.

Once you have selected the stake pool, details of the stake pool will be displayed.

Staking Pool Details Explained


This is the name of the stake pool.


The percentage rate reflecting the total amount of staking rewards projected to be earned over an annual period

A short combination of letters used to identify the stake pool.


The ID of the stake pool.

The Bech32 address of the stake pool.

A fee that the owner/operator of the stake pool can set. It is the percentage taken by the owner/operator after the fixed cost is deducted but before the staking rewards are distributed pro-rata.

Fixed cost
A set fee that is deducted first to cover the pool’s operational cost. 340 ADA is the minimum fixed ADA staking fee, set across the Cardano network. This cost is split between all delegators in the pool, so the cost to each user is negligible.

This is a link to the stake pool’s website.

Press ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Step 6: Review and Enter Password

A breakdown of the costs will be displayed with some explanations.

Review the details, enter your wallet password, and then press ‘Submit’.

Step 7: Staking Activated

You will then be shown below, informing you that you have successfully activated your staking.

For more information about Cardano staking, please see here.