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Step 1: Access NuFi Wallet


Access NuFi wallet.


You will be taken to Portfolio page, as shown below:





Step 2: Staking


Navigate to ‘Staking’ in the left-hand corner, as shown below:




No previous staking


If you do not have any staked assets, you will be taken to the ‘What is staking’ page:



To begin staking, select ‘My staking’:




Step 3: Select Asset


The assets that are available to be staked will be shown.  


Press ‘Start staking’ on the asset you wish to begin staking for.


This example will demonstrate using Solana that is stored within a hot wallet account.


Step 4: Select Account


The list of available accounts will then be displayed. This example will demonstrate using hot wallet account ‘SOL_3’.


Select ‘Stake’ on the account you want to begin staking for:




Step 5: Staking Amount


You will then be shown the below, where you can select options for staking:






Step 4 demonstrated how to select the account you wish to stake; however, this can be changed by using the dropdown shown below.


In this example, we will not be changing the account selected for staking, therefore this step is just for information.




Amount to stake


Input the amount of Solana you wish to stake.


Alternatively, you can press ‘Max’ to automatically input the maximum amount of SOL that can be staked.


Please note that any fees for the transaction to submit will be accounted for and deducted, so you will see less than the amount of SOL you input to stake.  







Once all details have been input, press ‘Continue’:




Enter Password


You will then be shown a breakdown of the transaction.


Enter the profile password and press ‘Submit’:




Step 6: Submitting Transaction


You will see the below whilst the transaction submits:





Step 7: Stake Account Created


Once the staking account has been created, you will see the below.


If you press ‘Continue’, skip to Step 9. 


If you press ‘Close’, proceed to Step 8. 




Step 8: Close Dialogue


If you close the dialogue from Step 7, you will be taken back to the ‘Stake accounts’ page.


Inactive Staking


The stake account you just created will show as ‘Inactive’



Activate Staking


To select a validator and activate staking, select the three dots, then press ‘Activate Staking’




Step 9: Select Validator


You will then be asked to select a validator.



A list of validators can be displayed by clicking into the ‘Validator name, ID,...’ box, as shown below. You can select the recommended validator, scroll through the list of other validators, or type in details of a validator of your choosing.   



Once you have selected a validator, you will be shown some details about it.


Press ‘Continue’:




Confirm Password


You will then be shown some details of the transaction. Enter your password and press ‘Submit’:


Whilst the transaction submits, you will see the below:



Step 10: Activating


Back in ‘My Staking’, your staking will show as activating, with a duration of how much time is left for it to activate:



Step 11: Staking Active


Once staking is active, it will display as below within ‘My Staking’


For more information about Solana staking, please see here.