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*In this guide, we are going to withdraw SOL using Ledger Nano S/X

Step 1: Access NuFi Wallet

Access NuFi Wallet. 

Ensure that your Ledger Nano device is connected, unlocked, and the Solana app is running.

You will be taken to Portfolio Manager, as shown below.

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Step 2: Staking

Navigate to ‘Staking’ in the left-hand corner, as shown below.

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Step 3: My staking accounts

You will be taken to the ‘My staking’ page. Press ‘My Staking’ on the right side of the page for Solana.

Your staking accounts will be organized by wallet type. When working with Solana each account could contain multiple stake accounts. The lower rollup will have a number displayed to indicate the quantity of staking accounts for each wallet. Press anywhere on the rollup to display the stake account details.

Press the ellipse of the inactive stake account you want to withdraw funds from in order to display the staking menu. Please see this guide to deactivate your stake account.

Step 4: Withdraw Staking

On an inactive Solana stake account, we can reactivate staking to the same validator or to different validators or withdraw funds.

Withdraw Stake Amount

Enter an amount to withdraw back to your wallet, or press ‘MAX’ to withdraw all your funds. Press the ‘Withdraw’ button at the bottom of the pop-up window to continue. 

Step 5: Ledger Confirmations

If your Ledger is Unlocked and the Solana app is running press ‘I’ve setup my Ledger’ to continue and confirm the transaction on it. 

Verify Transaction

You will need to carry out some confirmations on your Ledger device. 

Whilst you do that, the NuFi app will display the below.


You will need to complete the below verifications on your Ledger Nano device.

Stake withdraw



Authorized by

Fee payer


Step 6: Rewards Withdrawn

Once you have completed all confirmations, you will see the below screen. Press ‘Close’ to return to the staking page. 

In the Portfolio page, the available SOL will be reflected in the available balance: 

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For more information about Solana staking, please see here.