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This article will demonstrate how to import a NuFi wallet backup into the NuFi browser Extension. Before doing this, you will need to install NuFi's browser extension; read this article for help with this.


There are two parts to this process:


Part 1: Create a wallet backup from your existing NuFi wallet via wallet.nu.fi. It is recommended that you create a new backup to ensure you import the most up-to-date version of your wallet.

Part 2: Import the backup in the NuFi browser Extension wallet.


If you already have an up-to-date wallet backup, skip to Part 2.


You can also restore a wallet using a recovery phrase; however, with this method, any hardware wallets will need to be re-imported and any customisations will need to reconfigured. Please see the article ‘Recovery Phrase Restore’ for further information on this.

Part 1: Create a Wallet Backup


Step 1: Log in to your NuFi account


Log in to your NuFi account via wallet.nu.fi (NOT the browser Extension version of NuFi)





The Portfolio screen will be displayed, as shown below.




Step 2: Settings


Press ‘Settings’, on the left-hand side of the Portfolio screen.




 You will see the below settings:




Step 3: Export Profile


In the Export profile section, press ‘Export Profile’.





Step 4: Save Download


A wallet backup will be downloaded, with your wallet name, in the .json format, as shown below. Store this file securely so you can obtain a wallet backup in future.




Step 5: Store Backup File


Store the backup file in a safe location on your device.


Part 2: Import Wallet into NuFi Browser Extension


Step 1: Access Google Chrome


Access Google Chrome.




Step 2: Select NuFi Extension


Select the NuFi browser extension.



Note: If the NuFi browser icon is not visible, press the puzzle piece icon which will show any extensions you have installed, as shown below:



The NuFi browser extension wallet will be displayed. Select the pin icon to pin the NuFi browser extension, so it will appear beside the search bar whenever Chrome is opened.



Step 3: Restore Wallet


When logging in for the first time, you will be presented with the below options.


Select ‘Restore Wallet’.




Step 4: Backup file


This article will demonstrate restoring from a backup.


Select ‘Upload




Step 5: Select File


A pop-up box will appear.


Navigate to the location of the backup file, select it and press ‘Open




Step 6: Enter Password


You will then be prompted to enter the wallet password.


Enter the password, accept the terms and conditions then press ‘Recover




Step 7: Wallet Restored


Once your wallet has been restored, you will see the below.


Press ‘Go to wallet’.



Step 8: Portfolio


You will then see your assets within the NuFi browser Extension wallet.