Welcome to NuFi wallet's knowledge base. Learn more about NuFi (and access the wallet) on our homepage here or ask a question in our Discord server here.

At NuFi, we’re onboarding crypto beginners with a seedless, stress-free way to create a crypto wallet: log in with a social account like Google and have a non-custodial wallet created automatically with no seed phrase to store.

Logging in with a social account opens a seedless Web3 wallet that's fully non-custodial, meaning you alone can access it and you own the assets in your wallet entirely. There's no middleman between you and the blockchain. NuFi currently supports Cardano, Ethereum, Flow, Milkomeda C1 and Solana, with support for BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism and Astar coming Q2, and functionality to add any EVM chain coming later in the year.

To create a wallet using a social account, you'll need a Google, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Twitch, Apple, Github, LinkedIn, Line or WeChat account. Don't use an account that you could lose access to (e.g. through suspension or removal) or you may lose access to your funds.


Step 0: Install NuFi wallet

Install NuFi's browser extension wallet from Chrome Webstore:


Click Add to Chrome and follow instructions to complete the process.

If you can't use NuFi's browser extension (e.g. you don't use Chrome, Brave, Opera or Edge), you can use NuFi's web wallet with any browser at wallet.nu.fi.

Step 1: Open NuFi

Click the Extensions icon in the top right of the browser and click on NuFi. If you're using the web wallet, go to wallet.nu.fi.

Step 2: Choose a social account and log in.

Your wallet will open on the Portfolio screen. From there, we recommend enabling 2FA to increase the security of your wallet. Please read the article here for more information.

Good to know:
  • Each separate social account creates a unique (i.e. different) wallet; if you have 2 Google accounts, they will create Wallet A and Wallet B.
  • Log in with the same account each time to access the same wallet on any device.
  • If you lose access to your social account, you may lose access to your funds; don't use a social account that might easily be suspended or removed.

How does it work?

To bring you this exciting feature, we used technology from Torus and Web3Auth. When your social account (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Twitch, Apple, Github, LinkedIn, Line or WeChat) is used to create a wallet, a private key is generated and split into shards. These shards are stored securely by Torus network nodes and, when you authenticate by logging in, Torus securely transmits the key shards to your device and reconstructs them into your private key to unlock the wallet. For extra protection, you can enable Web3Auth’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and make your wallet more secure than a standard seed phrase wallet.

Try it:

Install NuFi's browser extension wallet from Chrome Webstore and log in with a social account: