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It takes just seconds to install the Cardano Wallet Snap plugin. There are 3 ways to do this, and the installation process is identical for each.

  1. a) Visit a compatible Cardano DApp; click Connect Wallet, then ‘Connect with MetaMask’; or

    b) Visit wallet.nu.fi and click the MetaMask icon; or

    c) Visit the Cardano Wallet page in MetaMask’s Snaps directory and click ‘Add to MetaMask’

  2. You’ll be prompted to install Cardano Wallet as shown below:

    The installation process involves granting certain permissions to Cardano Wallet, including:

    Manage Cardano accounts; this gives Cardano Wallet the ability to derive a Cardano account using your MetaMask wallet’s secret recovery phrase. Your recovery phrase remains private, i.e. it is not exposed to Cardano Wallet nor NuFi nor any DApp that you connect to. Your Cardano account is backed up by your MetaMask wallet’s secret recovery phrase.

  3. a) After installing the Cardano Wallet plugin from a Cardano DApp’s page, you’ll see a widget appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen. This widget – explained here – contains your Cardano wallet (which is already connected to the DApp). You’ll use this widget to interact with the DApp, manage Cardano tokens, and access wallet functionality.

    Important: ADA and other Cardano tokens are managed using the Cardano Wallet widget (or via wallet.nu.fi), and are not displayed inside the MetaMask wallet interface.

    b) After installing the Cardano Wallet plugin from wallet.nu.fi, NuFi wallet will open automatically and you’ll see your Cardano account. You can use NuFi wallet to manage your Cardano tokens, send and stake ADA, view your NFTs, exchange Cardano tokens, and access a cross-chain exchange that allows you to exchange EVM (and other) tokens for ADA.

    c) After installing the Cardano Wallet plugin from MetaMask’s Snaps directory, you’re ready to connect to Cardano DApps (see list here) or connect to wallet.nu.fi to manage your Cardano account.