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When there’s a transaction to approve, you’ll first see a summary of the transaction inside the Cardano Wallet widget (or inside NuFi wallet’s interface if you’re using wallet.nu.fi).

When you confirm this transaction by clicking Sign, MetaMask wallet will launch and prompt you to approve the transaction inside the MetaMask wallet interface. Clicking Approve here will authorize the transaction and it’ll be submitted to the Cardano network.


Important: The transaction is submitted on Cardano’s blockchain, not on an EVM blockchain, so you won’t pay gas fees like you would when transacting on an EVM chain. You will, however, need to pay a transaction fee of approximately 0.2 ADA to Cardano’s blockchain. 

If you don’t have enough ADA in your Cardano Wallet to pay the transaction fee, you can top up your wallet by buying ADA with a credit card (how-to here) or by exchanging assets on other chains for ADA using the cross-chain exchange (how-to here).