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You can exchange Cardano tokens in a variety of ways. The easiest method is to use the Cardano DEX aggregator inside the Cardano Wallet widget. You can also access this DEX aggregator by visiting wallet.nu.fi, clicking the MetaMask icon to open your Cardano wallet, and then clicking ‘DexHunter’ on the left-hand side. Lastly, you can exchange Cardano tokens by connecting to a Cardano DEX DApp that supports MetaMask wallet.

To exchange tokens inside the Cardano Wallet widget:

Requirements: enough ADA in your wallet to pay a transaction fee, plus 5 ADA to pay a service fee for using the exchange functionality

  1. Click Exchange at the top of the widget. You’ll see two options: ‘Exchange on Cardano’ and ‘Cross-chain exchange’

  2. Select ‘Exchange on Cardano’ and the Cardano DEX aggregator will open as shown below.

  3. Select which token you want to sell and choose an amount to sell

  4. Select which token you want to buy

  5. Click Swap; review the swap details and click Sign

  6. Your MetaMask wallet will open; double-check the details and click Approve to submit the transaction on the Cardano blockchain

    Important: the exchange functionality is powered by a 3rd-party service called DexHunter, who charge a fee of approximately 5 ADA for each swap. If you’re exchanging ADA for a different token, you’ll need at least 6.2 ADA in your wallet: 5 ADA for DexHunter’s fee, approx. 0.2 ADA for the transaction fee, and the minimum swap amount of 1 ADA.

    If you need to top up your ADA balance, you can purchase ADA by following the steps here or you can swap tokens on other blockchains for ADA using the cross-chain exchange (how-to here).

    After you’ve submitted the transaction to the blockchain, it can take several minutes for the newly acquired token to be deposited in your wallet. Click the Refresh icon at the top if the token isn’t visible after several minutes.