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I can't submit a transaction on Solana blockchain; I see the error message "Failed to send transaction: Transaction simulation failed: Transaction results in an account (0) with insufficient funds for rent"


Your Solana account needs to maintain a minimum SOL balance in order to remain active; this minimum balance is known as 'rent' and is a requirement imposed by the blockchain itself. If the transaction were to be processed successfully and a transaction fee deducted, your account's SOL balance would be below the minimum required amount, which is why you're unable to complete the transaction.


If you're sending SOL, try reducing the send amount so that the amount of SOL left in your account (after the transaction fee has been deducted) is enough to cover the rent requirement. 

For other transactions such as withdrawing staking rewards, try adding a small amount of SOL to your account so that your account retains the minimum amount of SOL required after a transaction fee has been deducted.

You can buy SOL with a credit card or swap assets on other chains for SOL using a cross-chain exchange inside your NuFi wallet.