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I can’t access my hardware wallet on NuFi: it asks me to create a new wallet instead, and there’s no option to connect my device.


To use your Ledger or Trezor with NuFi, choose 'Create wallet', select 'Yes, I have a hardware wallet' and then follow the instructions to create a NuFi wallet and pair your hardware wallet after that. Selecting 'Yes, I have a hardware wallet' will allow you to create an empty NuFi wallet with no accounts created automatically for you.  

If you want to use only the accounts imported from your hardware wallet and you don't plan to add non-hardware (mnemonic) accounts, you can choose to skip recovery phrase activation while creating your NuFi wallet. Confirming your recovery phrase is a necessary step if you plan to add non-hardware accounts, and it'll be needed to unlock additional features in the future, but you can activate your recovery phrase at any time from wallet Settings or by following on-screen instructions when prompted.

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