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I created a new wallet and then paired my hardware wallet but, after the account was imported from the device, the balance was zero. I know that I have funds in the account but they’re not visible.


If you’re using the Passphrase feature on your Ledger or Trezor, please make sure you’re entering this passphrase in exactly the same way as you did before.

If you used Passphrase in the past but disabled it after a firmware upgrade, please be sure to enable it now, or disable this feature/don’t enter a passphrase if you didn’t in the past.

It may be that you unknowingly entered a variation of your passphrase last time you used your device, or you may be entering a variation this time round.

For example, if your intended passphrase is ‘newyork’, the following passphrases will open 5 different wallets (each with a different receiving address and balance):

“newyork” ⇒ Wallet 1

“Newyork” ⇒ Wallet 2
(notice the capital N) 

“ newyork” ⇒ Wallet 3
(notice the space before)

“newyork ” ⇒ Wallet 4

(notice the space after)

“newyorkk” ⇒ Wallet 5

(notice the letter accidentally added at the end)

It may be that you’re entering your intended (i.e. correct) passphrase right now, but you may have unknowingly entered a variation in the past. The solution is to try as many variations as possible until you find the wallet you’re looking for.

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