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I keep seeing the error message ‘Could not submit transaction’ – why is my transaction failing?


When the blockchain is heavily congested, you may see error messages like ‘Could not submit transaction’ / ‘Failed to fetch’ / ‘Load failed’ / ‘...returned error: 400 on payload’ when you submit a transaction (e.g. sending an asset, staking or re-staking to a different validator, or withdrawing staking rewards).

In this case, our advice is to refresh your wallet using the refresh tool on the menu bar, check your transaction history, and try again if needed. Please be aware that it may take up to 1 hour for a successful transaction to appear in your account's transaction history or on a blockchain explorer.

In extremely busy periods, you may see an error message telling you that the transaction has failed when in fact it was submitted successfully. This is because, on a congested blockchain, a transaction can remain in something called a ‘mempool’ for much longer than normal while it waits to be added to a block; in this state, neither NuFi nor any blockchain explorer can immediately verify the transaction’s status, and an error message is returned. 

Transactions that reach the mempool are typically submitted successfully (within an hour at most) and will appear in your account’s transaction history. Rather than continuing to retry after you see an error message, we recommend that you wait an hour and check your account's transaction history before trying again.

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