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Wallet & Account Overview

Your wallet allows you to manage multiple accounts in one convenient location. Accounts are stored within your wallet and you are free to choose and manage between hot wallet and/or hardware wallet accounts


  • You can create as many accounts as you wish. For Cardano, you will need to ensure you have funds within the last account you created before you can create a new one. This applies to both hardware wallets and mnemonic wallets.
  • Each account has a different receiving address, balance and transaction history
  • Sending funds between your own NuFi accounts is easy, with the 'My account' option within the send menu: 

Multiple Staking Accounts

Each account is eligible for staking. This will enable you to have and manage multiple staking accounts.

Please remember that each account is treated as a separate account with its own balance, therefore, there will be fees incurred in sending/receiving transactions between accounts.

Account Management

A list of account management options are available for each account. This includes renaming the account and viewing history (More account mangement options coming soon)

General Information

  • To import more hot wallets accounts, please select Add Account -> Import Account (feature under development)
  • You can always rename and see the details of your account in the 'Manage Account'.